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As a pioneer in the field of online gambling, we have been doing our best to offer endless entertainment to people all over the world. As a renowned bingo spot, we have also been doing our fair share to ensure that we do our best to our customers and the society as well.

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Our contribution to the customers

We are strict advocates of responsible gambling. Players who sign up with us are required to provide their age proof to start playing our games. We randomly conduct checks to ensure that we do not have any fake profiles in our database. This is also to ensure the safety and security of the other players.

Our contribution to the bingo community

As a major player in the bingo community, we make sure that we have a strong community of bingo players all over the world. Even if you are not willing to play our bingo games you are welcome to join our player's forum to explore the world of bingo gaming. This would also act as a great platform for all the newcomers to learn about the game and to connect with other players. You would also be able to get real feedback from real customers in case you are still doubtful about making your first deposit. We also have our bingo experts continuously hunting for information and updating the news that is happening in the world of bingo so that you do not miss a thing.

Our contribution to the society

We have our annual fundraiser events which are conducted in the form of fun bingo games. The whole of the winnings in the game is set aside for humanitarian activities. Players are also allowed to provide their contribution to these events which would then be transferred to charity.